Educational and Experimental Area on the Island of Rab

The Faculty of Forestry has been holding field practice as one part of student's education on the island of Rab.

Way back in 1923, the founder of the Silvicultural Department, Professor Andrija Petracic was the first to bring forestry student to the island to show them the forests and other vegetation of the greenest Adriatic island. It became a tradition, and more than fifty years later, in 1975, it was crowned by the official establishment of the Educational and Experimental Forestry Area. Assigned to the management of the Faculty of Forestry, these forests have special application. With students' education as their principal objective, they are used for scientific research on the natural restoration of our Mediterranean forests, entailing the significant tasks of obtaining their optimal role in tourism and recreation.

The forests with associated facilities of the Rab EEA are located in the forested Kalifront, with Sveta Mara Bay (St. Mary Bay) in its central part. Of the total 98.8 ha :

In the nursery titled Experimental Nursery "Andrija Petracic" Rab a great number of both autochthonous and allochthonous species were used in the experiments associated with planting methods and timing, treatment of seeds and seedlings, etc.

The main building of the Faculty on the EEA premises was originally a forester's cottage built in 1895 over the beautiful St. Mary's Bay, placed in the gorgeous scenery of vegetation and the sea. Later extended and adapted, the house can well accommodate 56 students, teachers and other staff.

Scientific research is done on 13 experimental plots on total area 2.3 ha, one of which is a continuing test area included in the international project "Man and Biosphere" (UNESCO- MAB) among one hundred other such plots in the Republik of Croatia.